For me, the creation of art is a form of active meditation and the making clear or known of what is inside of me.  Each work of art becomes an emotional or spiritual footprint of where I have been, where I am at, or where I am going.  For me it is about freedom, the freedom to feel and to create just what I feel, to dream dreams and dare anything; to make mistakes, break rules, live, love, and heal.


It is the whisper of a starless night and the shout of the sun, a powerful shove or the gentle caress only a lover can give.  I am fascinated that a mud puddle can become as profound as the ocean, or how a baby’s spoon can eclipse the sun like a great moon.  I am captivated by art’s ability to start and end wars, or make the world feel safe for a moment.


Art gives birth and expression to the emotions and feelings inside that I cannot express through other means, birth to the creativity and musing of my being.  I find it helps me to explore and discover the mysteries of the universe and to create my own mysteries.  It gives a depth to life that I would not otherwise experience and enjoy and the means to share this with others.